This is Premium feature and will help you to share real-time statistics with your friends or co-workers.

To start using this feature you should register and create a personal account with unique “Username” and “Email address”. After this if want you can add your full name and mobile number. Please keep in mind that the username is like your unique ID and will never can be changed later. So users can search for your profile via your username to send friend requests.

You can request to get real-time data from predefined tools by other users.

Also you will have the ability to search for your friends and send them a friend request and once your friend request will be accepted it will be added in your friend list and after this you can start requesting real-time data from your friends or accepting requests from them

There are 3 general permissions to give you more advanced control how your data will be sent to other users after they ask you to use your device for getting real-time data.

Some great use cases for this tool for e.x : imagine you have a friend to a place that you can’t be there for any reason to make some test with your device. So this problem solved by this great feature, you can send your friend who is physically to that place a real-time data request for a specific tool and after your request will be accepted you can get real-time data from your friend device to yours in great speed like you was there yourself.

Or you just want to know some data from someone far from your place to know how things are working from that place like Ping time, Traceroute way etc.

Another great example is imagine you are network administrator or someone who have responsibility for some data centers, router, wifi towers etc etc. So you need just an Android device with this application installed connected to your profile with “Always Allow” permission and just connect those devices and leave to those places and everytime you want to know what is going on there you can just send a real-time data request to your devices without being physically there yourself.


There are too many other use cases and great things that can be done with this feature.

More awesome things, tools and abilities will be added later in next updates so just stay updated.


I will keep this documentation updated


Thank you all !